Work Ready Program


What is Work-Ready?

The biggest challenge that young people face today is that they have low self-confidence and cannot see their worth to an employer or, they have so many options and opportunities that they have no clear vision and are confused about the jobs or careers that would suit them best. Talent Dynamics works with young people to deliver a program that empowers them to discover who they are, what they are naturally talented and gifted at and therefore the value that they will add to an employer. Our team of trainers and business mentors work with them to give the insights necessary to ensure that they are applying for roles that keep them in flow which is where they will be happiest and do the best job for an employer.

Work Ready will allow young people to better understand their strengths so that they can confidently talk about themselves at interview and give them the experience of working together on a business project to better understand what is expected of them in a work-place.  It’s about enabling them to discover what they are capable of, knowing what an employer is looking for and showing up with the right attitude.


How Does It Work?

Work-Ready will provide training to young people locally using the Talent Dynamics for Young People personal development pathway (see or Talent Dynamics for Young People for further information).  Groups of 10 to 12 young people at a time will be selected from local schools, colleges, universities, training providers, recruitment agencies and Job Centre Plus to undergo an intensive, interactive, experiential and fun 2 day training course that will give them:-

  •     •   Evidence, insight and experience of who they are
  •     •   What they are naturally gifted and talented at
  •     •   The types of roles they will be most suited to and happiest in
  •     •   What value they bring to a business and where they will feel valued
  •     •   Experience of working together on a business-focused task or challenge
  •     •   What to put into their CV
  •     •   How to confidently show up and talk about themselves at interview based on their Talent Dynamics for Young People profile
  •     •   An insight into what a prospective employer is expecting of them and a work-ready attitude
  •     •   A business mentor who will follow up with them with 3 x 1 hour sessions


The Work-Ready program will primarily be funded by local business sponsorship from forward thinking, socially conscious SME’s and large corporates who are locally based.


Become a Work-Ready Partner

We are looking for partners in the local area to join us in making a tangible difference to the young people here in Swindon by collaborating to make this project a huge success for all concerned.

We want you to be involved if…..

  •     •   You work with young people who will benefit from our training
  •     •   You are a recruitment company who can place young people and help us measure our success post training
  •     •   You are a business mentor for young people and would like to volunteer 3 x 1 hour sessions with a young person
  •     •   You would like to become a sponsor and not only make a difference to these young people but also benefit in your business through our sponsor value package
  •     •   You are looking to employ a young person as an apprentice, intern or other role within your company


What Do You Get For Your Sponsorship?

We are asking you to sponsor £1000 towards running courses in your local area to make a difference to young people who have great skills but are struggling to sell themselves and get the right job. For some local businesses being able to contribute an affordable amount from a Corporate Social Responsibility point of view will be incentive enough. However, we want to ensure that there is something way more tangible for you and your business and that we add value to you in what you do as a thank you. So, to say thank you for your sponsorship we will give you

  •     •   Recognition on our website as we promote what we are doing
  •     •   Acknowledgement in our local media campaigns
  •     •   The opportunity to select an apprentice, intern or employee from those young people who come through the programs knowing that their skills will be tailored to fit your role requirement
  •     •   The opportunity to experience Talent Dynamics within your business through a business taster session (Worth £1000)
  •     •   5 Free profiles for your top people worth £250
  •     •   2 Free debriefs for Directors/Senior Management worth another £594
  •     •   Discounted tickets to attend the Annual Trust Conference in London in September


Become a Sponsor Today!

To become a sponsor choose the payment option you prefer (one payment/three instalments/ten instalments) and click the button below to pay for your sponsorship by credit/debit card or Paypal account.

Pay Sponsorship Fee in one payment:
1 x £1000


Pay Sponsorship Fee in Three Payments:
3 x £333.33


Pay Sponsorship Fee in Ten Payments:
10 x £100


talent dynamics work ready program

I am truly excited to be part of such a new and amazing system and am pleased to bring my 25 years of experience of working with people from varied backgrounds to my role of Flow Consultant.

Lynne Pomeroy