Work Ready Program Sponsors


These are the wonderful Work-Ready Program Sponsors who enable our courses to take place in Swindon and help many young people gain the skills necessary for employment.


Jackie Kerr Recruitment


Inner Flame


Swindon Restore Charity Shop



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diamond pa services

talent dynamic


Become a Sponsor Today!

Your sponsorship package will include:

  •  •   Recognition on our website as we promote what we are doing
  •  •   Acknowledgement in our local media campaigns
  •  •   The opportunity to select an apprentice, intern or employee from those young people who come through the programs knowing that their skills will be tailored to fit your role requirement
  •  •   The opportunity to experience Talent Dynamics within your business through a business taster session (Worth £1000)
  •  •   5 Free profiles for your top people worth £250
  •  •   2 Free debriefs for Directors/Senior Management worth another £594
  •  •   Discounted tickets to attend the Annual Trust Conference in London in September


To become a sponsor choose the payment option you prefer (one payment/three instalments/ten instalments) and click the button below to pay for your sponsorship by credit/debit card or Paypal account.

Pay Sponsorship Fee in one payment:
1 x £1000


Pay Sponsorship Fee in Three Payments:
3 x £333.33


Pay Sponsorship Fee in Ten Payments:
10 x £100


In the corporate world, profiling is key to increased productivity and we are encouraged to build on the areas of our roles that come naturally and that flow, these are always the tasks that we’re particularly good at. Giving teenagers this same knowledge, as they are about to make the most important decisions of their lives is the best thing you can do for your child.

A Mother