Talent Dynamics


Created by Roger James Hamilton, Talent Dynamics  is an extension of Wealth Dynamics – a unique personality profiling system for entrepreneurs and leaders, currently used with great success worldwide. Whilst standard Talent Dynamics was developed for and geared to corporate companies, the same highly successful profiling principles have now been re-tailored to meet the specific needs of young people.


The History of Personality Profiling

Talent Dynamics is based on a long history of tradition and scientific research originating from a 5,000 year-old Chinese system of thinking called the I-Ching, developed and recorded by a series of Chinese emperors and teachers. The I-Ching made its way to the West when Richard Wilhelm translated it and brought it to Carl Jung for publication in 1919.

So taken was Jung with the I-Ching that  he drew upon it heavily for  his  book ‘Psychological Types’ and his theories on ‘Synchronicity’ and the ‘Collective Unconscious’. Jung pioneered psychometric testing in the West, and any of the personality tests you are asked to do in any job applications spring from these same roots.


The Five Natural “Energies”

The ancient Chinese philosophies describe five natural “energies”, each linked to a season (one of which is called “transition”). These energy types are described by character traits that we can easily recognise.




When You Follow Your Flow You Find Yourself

Each of us has a mix of these energies which contribute to who we are. You’ll see this mix reflected on the diagram you receive with your talent profile results. You’ll find each of the “energies” listed with a percentage value based on your questionnaire results. These relative percentages define which one of the eight talent profiles is your primary profile, and which other two are secondary. Compare your results to those of your friends, family or colleagues to see how they differ.


What Is The Purpose Of The Talent Dynamics Square?

The Talent Dynamics Square illustrates the relationship between the eight Talent Profiles. Think of it as an eight-sided mountain, with different rivers flowing down each side. Each of us have our own flow, which link our dreams to our reality.



The square shows the two opposites in the way we think and the way we act. Some of us think more with our ‘Head in the clouds’, are more  ‘creative’ and depend on our imagination. This is the ‘Dynamo energy at the top of the square. Some of us think more with our ‘Ear to the ground’, and are more ‘sensory’, depending on what we see around us. This is the ‘Tempo energy at the base of the square.

Some of us react more to other people and are extrovert. This is the ‘Blaze energy on the right side. Some of us act more through data, and are introvert. This is the ‘Steel energy on the left side.

The eight Talent Profiles fit around the square, each with a different balance of natural thinking and acting. You will find everyone you know has a profile and a natural path to success. These four energies are also related to the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter.



Creators are great at getting things started but terrible at finishing. They are high in Dynamo energy, always using quick thinking and imagination to get out of trouble. Their flow comes from expressing their creativity in valuable ways.




Stars are excellent promoters, high in both Dynamo and Blaze energy. They are quick on their feet and sometimes seem to dominate the conversation. Stars are best when using their sparkle to shine light on others rather than themselves.




Supporters are excellent with people, and will always be found in the midst of the party. They are strong Blaze energy and often distracted by supporting others. Their flow comes from being actively involved in leading other people in fun and worthwhile ventures.



td_dealmakerDeal Maker

Deal Makers are strong in Blaze and Tempo energy, so very down-to-earth. They have a strong sense of timing and loyalty, and always make sure everyone else is OK. They are best when connecting people and ideas for everyone’s benefit.




Traders have their ear-to-the-ground, with strong Tempo energy. They will always know who upset who, and how to keep things fair. Quiet by nature, they will often only share if asked, and find their flow in keeping the peace and maintaining good time-keeping.




Accumulators are excellent researchers and project managers. They have strong Tempo and Steel energy, and are always meticulous in their work. Don’t expect them to be overly creative. Their flow comes from collecting and organising what’s already there.




Lords are great at the detail, with strong Steel energy. They won’t be the loudest voice in the room, but they are the best at researching and studying information and coming up with considered conclusions and decisions. They are best on details.




Mechanics are the best at completing things.  They are high on Steel and Dynamo energy. They are perfectionists so sometimes seem to take longer to get things done. Their flow comes from taking things apart and finding better ways to re-assemble.



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TD Square

Talent Dynamics for Young People really gave me the confidence to recognise and understand why, the course and career path I am on is the right one. That is very reassuring!  

Katie Smith