Tackling a Chocolate Rabbit

April 15th, 2014 @ 2:29 pm

So, how will you tackle the chocolate rabbit which some kind soul (hopefully) is going to present you with this Easter? Are you someone who likes to leave the foil on, exposing only the teeny tiny bit you’re going to bite into? Or are you a complete foil-taker-offer kind of a person, allowing yourself the pleasure of admiring the shine on the chocolate, relishing the delicious aroma and savouring the moment before that very first inroad? Or, perhaps you’re a saintly soul with enviable self-restraint, able to open it, break off a piece and cheerfully wrap the rest away for another time?

There’s no doubt we all tackle what life hands us, in different ways and, as with most things, there’s usually not an absolute right or an absolute wrong, there are just approaches that are as individual as we are. But in this case, whichever way you tackle the rabbit (and we’re not ruling out any other confectionary configurations here – eggs, chicks, pigs, whatever presses your buttons) it’s usually a pretty enjoyable experience – and so it should be. But moving away (reluctantly) from chocolate, there are plenty of other things that we don’t approach in quite the same mood of happy anticipation, although often our apprehension can be unnecessary.

For example, we all enjoy doing what we’re good at and for each of us there will be things at which we shine and others at which we don’t. Sometimes ensuring you feel great about what you’re doing is simply a question of establishing exactly what you are good at! At Back on Track Teens we call it ‘Being in Flow’ because this is such a great way to describe the superb feeling we all get when we’re doing something we feel we were cut out to do.

At Back On Track Teens we help you pinpoint that and one of the things, alongside chocolate, that makes me feel on top of the world is working with the young people I do, and watching that change of perception as they identify who they are, where their particular talents lie and in what educational, training and career direction that might take them. The other thing I really relish hearing is that where, previously there was a lot of apprehension around the whole subject of further education or career choices, once this identification/clarification process has taken place, it really rather does completely knock apprehension on the head – and nobody can say that’s a bad thing.

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Chocolate rabbit

Izzie was so excited when I spoke to her afterwards.  She loved how accurate it was and that it confirmed her knowledge of herself.  I think it’s really important when you’re a teenager and still learning about who you are, to have the reassurance of knowing you’re on the right path.

Mother of Izzie