Putting Yourself in the Frame

April 7th, 2014 @ 5:05 pm

No, not a scenario straight out of the latest TV crime drama. I’m talking about your frame of mind, the importance of getting that right and nine times out of ten, the swiftness with which that can be accomplished once you’ve got an end goal in sight. But whilst that may sound and actually is, fairly straight-forward common-sense, isn’t it sometimes the simplest, most common-sense things that we overlook. In fact, aren’t we all often guilty of over-thinking things and making them far more complicated than they need be?

Let’s, for example, look at putting yourself in the right frame of mind when it comes to applying for a job. There’s no doubt we all, whatever our age or gender, feel good when we’re doing what we have an aptitude for. So there, right away, is the first step – the ability to put your finger on your own particular talents.

If you’re really not sure precisely where to place that finger, why not get in touch with Back on Track Teens and find out about our Talent Dynamics programme? We use tried and tested processes to identify your individual personality traits so you can pinpoint the areas where you shine. Our specialist team of Talent Dynamics Flow Consultants have years of experience which they bring to this exercise.

But of course, finding out what you’re great at, is just your first step. You have to then get yourself in the mind-set to put those skills into action in the job market.

There are a vast number of factors which will help you when it comes to putting yourself forward for a job, but by far the most important thing you’ll need to take with you to an interview or a trial working period, is self-confidence. And self-confidence depends on a whole range of factors, from something as simple as presenting yourself well, to having some pretty clear ideas as to what potential employers will want to know about you.

You might be interested to know our Work-Ready Programme has been specifically designed to help you make the big move from education into employment and a career. Under the auspices of experienced business mentors and trainers, groups of 10 to 12 will be selected from schools, colleges, universities, training providers, recruitment agencies and Job Centre Plus to participate in an intensive, interactive, experiential 2-day training course. If you think this might be just the sort of thing you’re looking for, you can check out further details here or contact us to find out where the newest programmes are being set up.

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I have profiled and debriefed my 9 year old daughter, Hayley, and wife, Kate with amazing results. I haven't profiled my 6 year old son, Daniel, but he clearly has strong Steel and Tempo energy and this has helped us improve how we communicate and deal with him. Knowing everyone's preferred energy has had a massive impact on our family life, we all communicate a lot better and are more understanding of each other. It is a much happier household since we became aware of this amazing information and I can only see this improving as we go.

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