Meet TeeJay


Meet TeeJay Dowe, founder of backONTRACKteens 

“Leading the Global Transformation of Confidence and Self Worth in Young People”

A highly experienced speaker, sought after international coach, published author, Master Neuro-strategist and NLP Trainer, TeeJay certainly has the credentials to make exponential changes to businesses and organisations. However, it’s her unique style and inexhaustible drive that above all captivates audiences and leaves team leaders and individuals inspired and primed for action.

In a career path that has taken her from Pharmacist to Neuro-strategist and NLP Trainer – or as TeeJay describes it, ‘An amazing ten year adventure’ – the constant factor has been her belief that everyone should be ‘inspired to find the best within themselves in order to give of the best of themselves’. She was delighted to find an excellent practical vehicle for her aims and objectives when she began working with the world renowned Talent Dynamics Business Development system, instantly seeing not only its intrinsic benefits to businesses and organisations but also its wider implications and applications.

By training Flow Consultants for Talent Dynamics for Young People, powerful and effective partnerships are being created with parents, youth coaches and organisations of all kinds to maximise the transformation of a generation, worldwide.

TeeJay currently holds the posts of Chair of Trustees, Head Coach and Trainer for Inner Flame, a Youth Charity working with 14 to 25 year olds to ignite potential. As she points out, ‘what could be better than helping people reach their own full potential at the same time as training them to then support others to do the same?’

TeeJay Dowe

Talent Dynamics Master Trainer


Author of PerfectShun – Permission to be Human

Currently the ONLY Talent Dynamics for Young People Trainer in the World!

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I learnt things about my daughter that I didn't know and confirmation of who she is as a person (a Lord) helped us plan and develop the next stage of her job hunting. Within a week Jo had a new job – she was offered it on the spot.