Finding Your Feet in a Team

March 13th, 2014 @ 12:57 pm

Communication! Something we take totally for granted a lot of the time, right? Of course right. After all, isn’t it something we all do, all day, every day, and goodness knows there are enough ways to do it.  We text, we talk, we use social media, so we can all do it. Right?

Actually, no!  Because even in today’s far less formal climate, there are still huge differences in how we communicate with our friends and family and how we should communicate with others, for example, a potential employer.

And what about getting dressed? Well, there’s another thing most of us manage to do on a daily basis. But might there be one way of presenting yourself when hanging out with friends and quite another way when putting yourself in front of a potential employer?

Of course you may well say, people shouldn’t judge on appearances and why should poor punctuation and spelling reflect how hard you might work? And both those objections are valid. However, fact of the matter is, in the job market judgements are made and they’re made quickly. So therefore it’s simply common sense to make sure that when putting yourself in front of someone who can choose to employ or not employ you, you show yourself up well and don’t just show yourself up.

Our Work-Ready Programme has been specifically devised to roll out countrywide to offer direction and training to young people taking their first steps into the job market.  Funded by local business sponsorship from forward thinking, socially conscious SME’s and large corporates and under the auspices of experienced business mentors and trainers , groups of 10 to 12 young people will be selected from schools, colleges, universities, training providers, recruitment agencies and Job Centre Plus. These groups will participate in a unique, intensive and interactive 2-day training course.

The aim of the Programme is to put some necessary skills and tools into your hands, which once gained, will never leave you. Among other things you’ll find out how to communicate effectively and efficiently, so you’re able to present an employer with clearly comprehensible reasons as to why you’re the right person to become a part of their team.  You’ll also be working on different aspects of working within a team and appreciating the very different contributions every individual brings, because the more you appreciate the input of others – the more they’ll value yours.  Discussion and interaction with the rest of the group and your business mentors will help you understand the sort of  agendas you’ll find in a workplace and the importance of assessing exactly what employers are looking for from you.

Using tried and tested Talent Dynamics analysis will help you clearly identify where your own skills and talents lie and giving you an awareness of how and where you might fit in, plays a major role in the confidence you’re able to take into interviews as you move forward.

We are actively looking for sponsors and partners to join us in making a tangible difference to the young people in your area. You might consider an involvement if:

  • You already work with young people who will benefit from this sort of training.

  • You’re a recruitment company placing young people.

  • You’re a business mentor and would like to volunteer 3 x 1 hour sessions with a young person.

  • You are looking to employ a young person as an apprentice, intern or other role within your company.

If, on the other hand you are already a trained TDYP Flow Consultant looking to expand your offering, this exciting and innovative programme might be of particular interest to you, offering, as it does, a unique opportunity of getting to know and working with local businesses.

The Work-Ready Pilot Course is running in Swindon 17/18 March.

Go here for further information

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Talent Dynamics for Young People really gave me the confidence to recognise and understand why, the course and career path I am on is the right one. That is very reassuring!  

Katie Smith