Talent Dynamics for Young People is the No.1 personal development pathway for young people; a hugely effective programme to identify aptitudes and accelerate confidence  and self-worth brought to you by backONTRACKteens. Partnering with Talent Dynamics, we collaborate with youth coaches and educational organisations worldwide, training them to transform lives by delivering this powerful programme to a wide range of young people from ages 9 to 23.

Family Life

It’s an indisputable fact in today’s world that young people are facing a bigger than ever crisis of confidence, possibly more so than in any previous generation.  We’re seeing the numbers of single parent families rising, marriages failing and new relationships forming, sometimes too hastily and short-lived. Parents are working harder and longer, and for many a home is simply a place to sleep rather than a haven in which to spend family time.

Peer Pressure

At the same time, pressure on our young people to be beautiful, intelligent, sporty and to fit in is intense and powerful, exacerbated by the extent and speed of modern communication.  We have parents who are wary of being parents, who want only to be friends with their children and are afraid to use discipline because they won’t be loved whereas in fact discipline means ‘I love you enough to say no’. And, if parents don’t set boundaries – who will?

What We Are Seeing

Teen pregnancies continue to rise; eating disorders are the third most common chronic illness in teenage girls; more children than ever are being statemented, labelled, medicated and many are turning to alcohol, drugs, self-harming or gang culture.

Young People and Education

Young people are falling through the cracks of our education system and not receiving the help they need when it comes to finding their individual skills and abilities. Added to this is the tough reality of the current job market, which is certainly enough to knock down what’s left of their confidence and further lower self-worth.

Young People in The Future

These young people are our future leaders; they are the parents and role models for the next generation.  The damage inflicted by low confidence and self-esteem has to stop. We have to reverse it; empower young people to discover who they are, what they’re good at, where they fit into society, how to play their part and relish doing that.

What Now?

If you’re a Young Person and our thinking clicks with the way you’re feeling, go ahead and find out more here or just take the test!

If you’re a Parent and think we’re talking a lot of sense, discover more about how we can help your child here.

If you’re a Professional working with young people and want to boost the impact you have on their lives, find out more about adding Talent Dynamics for Young People to your toolkit here.



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At Inner Flame, we work with many young people who didn't thrive in formal education and consequently have developed a low sense of self-worth.Talent Dynamics gives them a great opportunity to recognise their individual strengths and interests, and often an understanding as to why they didn't enjoy school. The profile itself, though, is far less valuable than the coaching opportunity which offers the opportunity to really explore who the young person is and what they can offer the world. These conversations can be magical.

David Wreathall